Pam's Pantry

American Made Since 2003

Pam Wise Redman

Grand Ledge, Michigan
We offer a wide variety of gourmet products packed with the freshest ingredients possible, designed to simplify all your party planning needs.

Tell us about your business.

Pam's Pantry was borne out of sheer desperation. When Pam's hubby was injured and unable to work, the family found themselves faced with what Pam likes to call "New Opportunities". Never one to give up easily, she decided to turn her love of cooking into what would hopefully be their saving grace. She chose a few of her favorite creations, packaged them up and headed off to her first craft show. Scared silly and not sure what she was doing, her fears were soon put to rest as the customers loved her creations and they flew off the table. She attended that first craft show with only 4 delectable offerings. Today, Pam's Pantry manufactures over 70 fantastic products. They are available via their website, at craft/trade shows and many retail locations across the US. They also offer a fantastic fundraising program. Each gourmet mix packet is still hand measured to guarantee the perfect flavor quality with no added fillers or preservatives, they use only the freshest ingredients available.

What makes your business stand out?

An open mind and a goal to provide economical, quick and easy, great tasting products. By keeping an open mind & ear to what our customers really liked, or sometimes didn't, allowed us to create a line of products that has evolved as much from our fans and customers input, as from our very own thoughts and ideas. Our relationship with our customers has gone beyond our wildest dreams. We have received notes and letters from customers sharing not only what their favorite products are, but sharing stories about special occasions that our products and recipes have been enjoyed at. From graduations, family reunions, baby showers, weddings, retirement parties and engagements to simple family meals where mom loves to share how happy a certain mix or recipe makes her family. We love hearing about all of the great times our customers are having and love that our products are a part of these special moments. Making Memories is what it is all about, and we are proud to be a part of those times!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up. A friend told me starting a business will be like riding the roller coaster of your life, you'll have the lowest lows and the highest highs and if you hang on for the ride, the end will be smooth and rewarding, still with highs and lows, just more easily manageable. We are still flying by the seat of our pants, loving what we do, having the time of our life and enjoying this wild ride we are on!! Can't wait to see what the next turn brings us!

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