Word Couture

American Made Since 2009

Tracy Piccuillo

Huntington, Connecticut
Personalized Wine Bottle Hurricane Lanterns. Monograms or creative sayings. Great for home decor, gifts or wedding centerpieces.

Tell us about your business.

Word Couture is a boutique craft business which upcycles empty wine bottles into hand crafted, personalized wine bottle hurricane lanterns. We started in 2009 with a store on Etsy and by exhibiting at local craft fairs. The initial response was overwhelming! We now have many loyal customers from around the country using them as hostess, birthday and housewarming gifts. We have been featured in Brides Magazine and have been mentioned in several nationally recognized blogs, including one written by an editor for Glamour Magazine. We are proud to have provided our lanterns as centerpieces at many weddings and events, including the Sports Emmy's. We have exhibited at some of the largest craft events and wine expos in the Northeast, including the Mohegan Sun Wine Fest, Connecticut Wine Festival, Boston Food and Wine Expo, and Hudson Valley Food and Wine Festival, and are now selling our beautiful hurricane lanterns at a small number of specialty gift stores in the area.

What makes your business stand out?

We came across "our idea" when we saw the gorgeous wine bottles that were being thrown out at our local wine bar--right along with the trash! Doing some research, we found that most restaurants, bars and vineyards do not recycle their used wine bottles. Such a shame! Some of these bottles are just absolutely gorgeous and, we felt, deserved to be upcycled in some way. So our creative juices began to flow. We noticed that the real beauty of the bottle was seen when illuminated by a candle. So, how would we get the candle inside? Or better yet, underneath it? So I put our research and my husband together and we found a wonderful way to remove the bottoms of the bottles so we could put the candles underneath. We didn't stop there. How could we make them even more special? Well, we decided that everyone loves personalization. We use a special computer program and an industrial vinyl cutter to cut monograms or even short sayings and voila! Our idea was now a wonderful product.

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