Baby Bonbons

American Made Since 2008
We design luxurious items for babies and children, including heirloom-quality clothing embellished with vintage lace and unique baby gifts.

Tell us about your business.

As a girl, I adored drawing and stitching fanciful outfits for my dolls. I learned to love and appreciate beautiful pieces of old lace and linens rummaging with my parents through trunks at estate sales and dusty antique stores. Years of collecting and savoring these textile treasures has brought me full circle. I now design and manufacture a delicate feminine clothing line, as a girl can never have too much lace or too many ruffles. My designs take life from the patterns, colors and textures of my vintage laces and trims. When I first studied clothing design, the feel of fabric became my passion. My first design endeavors were sumptuous hats for the Kentucky Derby. Recently, I was introduced to digital art. I combine my whimsical children's watercolor drawings - printed on silky fabrics for baby blankets - with brightly colored fabrics to produce unique baby gifts and accessories. In the future, I hope to launch Baby Bonbon Boutiques and have a larger presence on the Internet.

What makes your business stand out?

Several years ago, a well-known 50 year old South Florida textile store went to auction and I was fortunate to take home hundreds of bolts of the most stunning unique laces from years past. I never fail to be inspired by their beauty when I walk through my racks of extraordinary old lace. I feel that one reason my baby and little-girl clothing line is unique is because of these special vintage beauties. I especially take pride in the details and the quality of the fabric in each garment I design. I love to spend extra time embellishing my clothes with tiny silk posies, flower broaches and one-of-a-kind lace pieces. My lace lends itself to feminine designs for special occasions. My custom ruffled vintage-lace flower-girl dresses and skirts have been shipped to Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia as well as across the U.S. They have been successfully featured in Zuilily events. When a little girl wearing a BabyBonbon Lacey "Rufflie" arrives at a party, she lights up the room.

What's the best business advice you've received?

I feel my business has grown so successfully over the years because I pamper each of my customers the way I would love to be pampered as a customer.

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