Meredith's Jars of Joy

American Made Since 2013

Meredith & Pam Robertson

Summit, New Jersey
Meredith's Jars of Joy are filled with daily reminders to live fully in each moment. Special quotes to encourage you to be your best every day!
New Jersey

Tell us about your business.

I went through a tough time when entering high school last year, and in response to this, my mom placed a big bowl of quotes on my desk to pick from every morning. I grudgingly agreed, but as time went on I realized what a gift this tool truly was. Taping the words of wisdom across my walls and carrying my favorites inside my phone case, I truly believed that each quote I picked was something that I was meant to hear. Later, when I was at costume crew, a friend opened the back of my phone case to see why it was so bulky, and hundreds of my little paper slips floated out. To my surprise, the reaction wasn't confusion, but sincere interest! After seeing how many people were excited about these daily quotes, together my mom and I packaged a month's worth into small jars. Requests came pouring in from friends, neighbors, and soon people all over the US. We decided to donate our proceeds to charity (http://www.familypromise), so our jars both inspire the reader and help a good cause.

What makes your business stand out?

We think that true transformation starts from within. Meredith's quotes teach us a new spiritual practice and fill a desire we all have to connect to our daily lives. People are hungry for the wisdom the quotes offer. These quotes are from great spiritual leaders, artists, politicians, scientists, comedians, philosophers and more! They speak to everyone, no matter of your age or religious affiliation. Not only are the proceeds helping homeless families but the people who read Meredith's Jars of Joy quotes will lead a more meaningful life. It is a complete circle of giving. The possibilities are limitless as we could offer quotes tailored for all season's of your life. We have requests from church youth leaders, HS sports coaches to substance abuse counselors. "The good life starts only when you stop wanting a better one." ~Bertrand Russell

What's the best business advice you've received?

If you don't ask, the answer is always no... Sometimes the most unlikely customers can turn out to be the people with the most interest in the product.

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