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Maggie Weldon

Kernersville, North Carolina is the largest “all crochet” site. We help people master the art of crochet with How-to-Crochet videos and great designs.

Tell us about your business.

When my son was 3 mo I dressed in a bunting I had crocheted. When I tried to take it off, he was literately trapped in it! It was so bulky I couldn't pull it over his head. I redesigned a bunting with a button down front and my new designing career was born. I left nursing school and began designing crochet patterns. We currently sell over 1,000 of my designs online. We also carry other publishers books, yarn, hooks and supplies. We have over 35,000 "likes" on Facebook and over 12,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 1 million views. We employ 4-6 people and our revenues are over 500,000 which is a 40% increase over last years revenues. We work in a house that sits on 1 acre of commercial property about 1/4 mile outside of downtown Kernersville, NC. Our space it about 2,000 sq.ft. We support our customers with videos, pattern support and lots of free patterns. Future plans include authoring books with bigger publishers, new designs, product licensing & more videos.

What makes your business stand out?

One of the reasons we are unique because of the patterns we publish. Most of the 1,000 plus crochet patterns in our line are my designs. I have been blessed with the amazing talent of crochet and it gives me great pleasure to share this talent. Secondly we provide a lot of YouTube videos to help crocheters understand or review a pattern or learn how to do crochet stitches and patterns. If a customer is having difficulty with understanding a pattern, we do a video to help. Finally - Maggie's Crochet is unique because of the great people who work here. We have great pattern editors, writers, customer service, webmaster, graphic designer, bookkeeper and others who help make this crochet vision come true. Last week a women called wanting Jen to relay a message to me. The women was lying in a hospital bed fighting cancer - not wanting to live. After finding our videos and patterns she was inspired to live and start crocheting again. I do what I do to hear stories like this.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Where do I begin... Success in business and life is an inside job!! When I change and grow it changes everything for the better. I don't expect things to be easy and I try to relax and stay present through the difficult times. I have been very inspired by the women in the Count Me In Make Mine a Million Dollar Business program. Being a part of this amazing group since 2008 has had a HUGE impact on my life personally and in my business. Any thing is possible if you are willing to do the work to change. If it were easy everyone would do it. God does not give you more than you can handle in a day. You will have crosses to carry but God gives you the strength to hold them up. The spirit is stronger than that. Eckhart Tolle - Space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.

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