American Made Since 2005

Lana Williams

Pahoa, Hawaii
I've always been a creator. I have travelled to far ends of the world learning from other artistans doing fair trade projects n crafting together

Tell us about your business.

I have always been a creator. I ended up going to risd and fell into majoring in textiles. I got really into knitting weaving , printing and ended up studying abroad in London at CSM . While living in London and learning about the knitting machine I started making clothing for all my assignments. On the wkends I would vend my crafts at a a local market. Since then I have been traveling all around the world, crafting, selling, and learning more and more about creation each day. In 2008 I started a new twist on my business and started traveling to Peru lake tutti kaki region and working with local artisans there. I stayed for 3 months the first year and didn't speak their language but we all spoke the language of art. I was able to supply a village w/work through working together with me to create my first fair trade collaboration. I see my business continuing to create abundance for the people I work with and myself and i see the level of skill continue to flourish with time.

What makes your business stand out?

It is unique because it is always evolving. I have spent almost 10 years of my life traveling to remote regins that specialize in different textiles. It is my passion to create and to create with other artists! It is such a blessing to get to work with all sorts of indeginious artists around the good.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Always believe in yourself. And remember it is not always about what happens in the end but its about the process in which you get there. I have always done exactly what I wanted when I wanted and life seems to provide me exactly each thing I need when I need it. It's because I'm positive that you get back what you give!

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