Crafty Wares

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Lacey Sutton

Big Sur, California
Crafty Wares is a place for me to collect together the gifts I spread around the Big Sur community and make them available to the world.

Tell us about your business.

I started Crafty Wares a year ago this November. My mother ran the local Harvest Craft Fair at the Big Sur Grange Hall for many years, and she recently handed the reins over to my wonderful neighbor. I picked up my mother's habit of gifting hand embroidered onesies and such for baby showers and other major life events. Last November I was encouraged to have a booth and showcase my work, it pushed me to open a year round shop on Etsy. The section of my work dedicated to baby outfits is called, "Tiny Stitches for Tiny Britches" and with the influx of new babies in our small community it has been the most popular outlet for my wares. I have been developing a set of characters that live in the world I created through combining paint and embroidery. I take discarded muslin left from weddings at the restaurant I work at, cut around the wine stains, and give the fabric new life as art. These scenes depict moments of solitude and celebration, even drawing from an actual photograph of a couple.

What makes your business stand out?

The Big Sur community comprises of a small population that is spread out over 90 miles of coastline. Its history is rich with artistic rebels living on the edge of west coast, as well as its strong sense of community and support that makes every winter shorter and every crisis more bearable. 3 years ago our friend, Rachael Short, was paralyzed in a car accident, this fierce young woman is a fine art photographer and owns a gallery in Carmel, Ca. Six months to the day after the accident, myself and a group of Big Sur kids raised funds for her rehabilitation costs by running on relay teams in the Big Sur International Marathon. This past spring Rachael asked me to design this year's t-shirt for our teams which were sold as part of the fundraising effort for Relay for Rachael. I was honored to work with her to design a shirt to sell and wear during the race. I create art to celebrate births, weddings, those intimate moments with each other and the world around us that give life meaning.

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