American Made Since 2012

Shaun Kasperbauer & Isaac Friedman-Heiman & Luft Tanaka

Brooklyn, New York
Souda is a Brooklyn based industrial design studio focussed on manufacturing products driven by the process and materials in which they're made.

Tell us about your business.

Souda (pronounced so-da) is a Brooklyn based industrial design studio and manufacturer formed in 2012. Founding partners Isaac Friedman-Heiman, Shaun Kasperbauer, and Luft Tanaka met at Parsons School of Design, where the three discovered a mutual affinity for exploring process and material. As Souda, the trio develops anomalous methods to create objects that are ultimately defined by the processes through which they are made. The three partners, originally from Atlanta, Georgia; Carroll, Iowa; and Nagoya, Japan, channel their diverse backgrounds, inventive techniques, and broad knowledge of materials into a collaborative design process. Through extensive prototyping and refinement, they develop a range of products that are made in-house and with the help of machinists, woodworkers, and metal shops. Souda debuted its first collection in January 2013. While the three have had products on the market for only six months, they have already begun to leave their mark on the industry.

What makes your business stand out?

Souda designs and manufactures products that are ultimately driven by the process and materials in which the objects made. Some examples of this approach include: --Kawa Porcelain Series/ Each piece in the Kawa porcelain series is individually slip-cast in a reusable leather mold. This complex process yields one-of-a-kind porcelain objects, textured by the leather molds in which they are cast. --Bubble Chandelier/ The Bubble Chandelier is made from post-consmer PET bottles that have been collected off the streets of Brooklyn by homeless individuals. Each bottle is cleaned, cut, and riveted to create a glowing orb. A portion of the proceeds from each light sold are donated directly to non-profit that facilitates the bottle collection. --Kreten/ Kreten Side Tables are formed in a Spandex fabric that is filled with fiberglass reinforced concrete. The weight of the concrete, in conjunction with the stretch of the fabric allows each table to take on its unique, organic form.

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