kerin rose

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kerin rose

burlington, Vermont
Heart-centered jewelry artisan on a mission to embellish the world with eco friendly, precious metal talismans, one gorgeous soul at a time....

Tell us about your business.

I became a jewelry artisan by accident!...When I was a tween, I wanted to take ceramics at the local "Y" but the class was full. My mom enrolled me in a jewelry and enameling class, and the rest is history! I am a classically trained metalsmith, but I 'threw out' a lot of the rules I was taught to work in a more environmentally sound way that correlated with my personal values. I am actually quite pleased that so many other jewelry artists have gotten on the recycled metals wagon! I also tend not to work with stones, as mining and the industry around it, is also not very good for the earth. I would love to see my business evolve in a way that promotes the wabi sabi nature of life....promoting beauty in the imperfection and natural flow of things, and inspiring others in their journey with talismans to remind them of the power they have in their hearts to grow. My dream is to reach as many people who are interested in wearing my work as I can. And to embellish gorgeous souls!

What makes your business stand out?

My process begins with the dream of a design… Models are hand carved in bees wax that is created by the honey bees that my sister keeps here in Vermont. The miniature wax 'sculptures' are hand cast using the ancient method of lost wax. The metal masters are coaxed into their final form via varied metalsmithing techniques, from forging to engraving. I create exclusively in eco-friendly recycled sterling silver and gold. I do not plate any of my alloys so absolutely no cyanide is used in the jewelry making process. This process is much gentler on the earth and for me, is the only way to work. All designs are cast in limited editions. I hope to bring attention to the plight of the honey bees, so deeply at risk in our current environment…and so very important to our way of life. Beeswax is the material that was used by the ancient metal smiths. Using this method I feel connected to and a part of something bigger than myself. I feel of service.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Stay true to your heart and values, grow slowly, and think of your business as a giant dance party where you are the hostess and make sure everyone is invited to shake their booty...( funny but true!)

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