Comfortcloth Weaving

American Made Since 2012

Tegan Frisino

Glens Falls, New York
The weavings that I make are about comfort, and sharing that feeling with the ones that you love through the connection of handmade cloth.

Tell us about your business.

My hands are always working. Whether I am throwing my shuttle through the warp threads, putting the finishing touches on cloth fresh off the loom, or I am elbow deep in water washing the fabric, my hands are always moving. I work this way because I want to make sure that the textiles I produce reflect my desire to create comfort. I focus on developing relationships between high quality weaving materials and colors and patterns that are visually appealing. This focus creates a fabric that is aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and a source of pleasure to have in the home or against the body. Comfortcloth Weaving was created in order to bring great handwoven and heirloom items that bring a sense of home, coziness and joy into the lives of our customers where ever they are. Currently I am producing scarves, shawls, and throws, and as the business evolves I will offer more house wares and fabric by the yard for clothing and upholstery.

What makes your business stand out?

I do not aim to break tradition. Rather, my goal is to work alongside classic weaving techniques with modern sensibilities to create works that will be coveted by todays’ consumers and treasured by future generations. I offer my weaving products and services through both retail and consignment purchases. My services include working with small fiber producers in the United States, so that they can see their production come full circle from fleece to final product. All of my weavings are currently being produced on a floor loom that was hand crafted in New York giving a little extra dose of local pride to my work. I want to inspire people with my passion for hand weaving, and celebrate the idea that creating with ones hands is not only about making, but also the satisfaction of creation.

What's the best business advice you've received?

When I started weaving full time, my mentors and other weavers in the field gave me some great advice about creating and staying happy. Get up early and stay up late. Stay connected to others who work just as hard as you, so you will feel inspired to keep pushing forward. Don’t base your success off of others, base it off of your own accomplishments and goals. Have fun and keep learning!

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