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Corliss Rose & John Rose

Anaheim, California
2-Roses is an artistic collaboration between Corliss & John Rose who design jewelry remarkable for its inventive use of unusual materials.

Tell us about your business.

2-Roses have made their mark on American Art Jewelry with a individualistic style that combines a dizzying array of innovative and unorthodox materials including an endless variety of organic and man-made materials. Classically trained artists, 2Roses combine traditional old-school craftsmanship with cutting edge sensibility and skill. Many of their pieces connect the ancient use of found objects for adornment, with the 21st century, where so many more things can be found. 2 Roses jewelry is at once a statement of tradition and a reflection of our contemporary world. The couple met in art school and formed a bond that has lasted over 4 decades and evolved through a multitude of mediums and disciplines from fabric design, furniture & woodcraft, ceramics and even food sculpture and styling. The couple’s design aesthetic is driven by relentless exploration of materials and technique. Their business is constantly evolving, embracing and blending What Is, What Has been, What Could Be.

What makes your business stand out?

One of the most unique features of 2Roses is the prolific and eclectic variety of objects the studio produces each year. Each season brings entirely new designs, materials and concepts as the studio reflects the changing world in which it exists. This approach is enriched by the technical virtuosity of two highly skilled artisans and the synergy of their collaborations. As they are fond of saying, “2Roses are better than one.” 2Roses goes to great lengths, often traveling the world, to find and acquire highly unusual materials that are not readily available. This is no ordinary trek to Nepal to find beads, rather it is developing relationships and acquiring things like reclaimed Russian space program materials, exotic Italian optical plastics and other rare, odd and sometimes just downright weird, stuff. All of this comes into the studio, gets mixed up in our brain-blenders and emerges as what our customers often refer to as simply…”wow!”

What's the best business advice you've received?

Business is an art and art is a business.

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