Honeysuckle Oyster Farm

American Made Since 2011

Nic Turner

Edgartown, Massachusetts
Honeysuckle Oyster Farm grows delicious, succulent oysters in the fresh, pure waters of Katama Bay on Martha’s Vineyard.

Tell us about your business.

Honeysuckle Oyster Farm was established in 2011 by owner and farmer Nic Turner of Edgartown, MA. HOF is located in Katama Bay, which draws its nutrient–rich waters from the Nantucket Sound as well as the Atlantic Ocean due to a breach along the southern barrier beach. The life of an oyster at HOF starts in early June when it arrives on the island by plane. The oyster "seed" (1.5mm - the size of a grain of sand!) spends the first few months in a tidal upweller (nursery) and then moves into cages set on the ocean floor of HOF’s 1 acre grow site. The oysters are sorted, tumbled (a process that helps Honeysuckle Oysters achieve a strong shell and a desirable deep cup), and cleaned during the 1-1/2 to 2 years that it takes to reach market size. This past summer has been the first main harvest of HOF and the oysters have been distributed to local Vineyard restaurants. As the season changes HOF looks forward to expanded its reach and sharing its oysters with the mainland.

What makes your business stand out?

Honeysuckle Oyster Farm strives to be an environmentally responsible operation. Nic, coming from a commercial fishing family, has always been happiest outside and on the water. This background has fostered a great respect for and dependence of the ocean. The possibilities of continuing to work on the water in a responsible and sustainable manner helped lead to the creation of the Farm. From the use of a tidal-powered upweller nursery to wind turbine-powered farm equipment to more environmentally friendly packaging HOF is committed to working as a conscientious part of Katama Bay and its surroundings.

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