REMIX Aromatherapy

American Made Since 2013

Giselle Wasfie

Chicago, Illinois
REMIX Aromatherapy: A 100% natural line of blends handmade by an acupuncturist+herbalist. Sleep, nerves, focus, clarity, creativity—we got you.

Tell us about your business.

I am a former Glamour staffer, music journalist for magazines like Vibe, Vice, and the Los Angeles Times, and current DailyCandy columnist who went back to graduate school for four years to study Eastern Medicine. Graduating in 2012 as an acupuncturist+herbalist, I felt a strong desire to start a boutique aromatherapy line that could combine my interests in modern design, all natural holistic elements, and handmade American goods. When clients come to see me for issues related to focus, anxiety, worry, sleep problems, communication issues, and negative thoughts, after treatments now, I can provide them an aromatherapy blend that, similar to herbal medicine techniques, will fortify our healing goals and give them a piece of REMIX to take home and use on the spot. Even more, the blends smell amazing and are fun to use, each with herbaceous, sweet, or spicy notes. However, the best feature that I hear customers reiterate is that they really work, which is the ultimate reward.

What makes your business stand out?

Ancient techniques get remixed into a modern vibe with five original blends that smell airy, fresh, and comforting.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never. Give. Up.

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