Emily Skin Soothers, Inc

American Made Since 2007

Mike Arsenault

Ipswich, Massachusetts
Emily Skin Soothers makes simple, effective products powered by herbs and love. Made by an acupuncturist for his daughter with sensitive skin.

Tell us about your business.

Our Emily was born in March 2006. She was perfect in every way. But, we noticed that her cheeks would get raised, red bumps on them. On occasion there were severe flare-ups that affected her neck and chin. She also would get dry red spots on her limbs. The pediatrician determined that she had baby eczema. As a concerned dad, I knew I had to do something. As an experienced acupuncturist and herbalist, I knew I could. I knew I did not want to put anything harsh on my baby’s skin. So, I created these products with no other intention than of helping my baby. They are creations born of a father’s love. With Emily’s infant skin in mind I used the bare minimum of ingredients. I used only high quality herbs and I worked with herbal formulas that were tried and true, and hundreds of years old. I tested them on myself and my wife and simplified them. When I was sure they were safe and effective, we began to use them on our daughter. The results are the Emily products we now offer you.

What makes your business stand out?

The Emily Skin Soother products are unique in that they were inspired by love. We never intended to create a business, we simply wanted to help our daughter. Once we got amazing results with her, I began to share the products with patients in my acupuncture practice. I never would have imagined the amazing results so many people would get from our products, or how quickly the business would grow. Now our daughter Emily is 7 years old and her skin is beautiful and clear. She is excited that products named after her are helping people around the country and the world. When I tell her that a new store has picked up the products she says, "Good. You are making me more famous." When I show her the amazing before/after pictures our customers send us of their children she says, "They got better because I had eczema." It makes her happy and proud to know that we are helping others and it thrills me too.

What's the best business advice you've received?

If you do good and help people you will be happy.

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