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Miro Chun

Phoenix, Arizona
Handmade greeting cards made of wire and cut paper.

Tell us about your business.

I'm a maker- always was, always will be- and it all started when I was a child. There's a little story that's included on an insert in my card packaging, that sums it up best: "The first valentines Miro Chun gave her nursery school classmates were created in a flurry of panic (her Korean-born parents were a bit startled on the night of February 13th to learn of the tradition of exchanging cards). As fate would have it, handmade cards have not only become an anticipated ritual for Miro, but a way of life." The other bit that's not included is that I've also been bending wire since I was a kid- what else could you expect with an artist mother, and a computer scientist father that would bring home yards of colorful computer wire? I make each and every card by hand, no patterns or jigs, just me and my single pair of pliers. For me it's a chance to make a little bit of happiness- who isn't glad to receive a card made with care, from someone who cares?

What makes your business stand out?

I make each and every one of my wire pieces- so each one is unique. Even though they are just simple greeting cards, people usually keep them around- even frame them- so that they become keepsakes, instead of just a piece of folded paper.

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