Two Chicks Farm, Inc.

American Made Since 2010

Audrey Lin & Debbie Donnald

Hillsborough, North Carolina
Two women with a passion for sustainable farming and creating great flavor turn vegetables into pickles, pepper jellies, krauts and more.

Tell us about your business.

We started farming due to layoffs and then we started producing our pickles and other products because we became interested in different methods of preserving vegetables. We use 2 different methods of preservation. For pepper jellies we preserve with vinegar and sugar. For our fermented products, such as sauerkrauts, dill pickles and kimchi we preserve the old fashioned way with salt. We grow, harvest and process year round. Our products are made according to what vegetables are in season. Currently we sell at farmers markets and a few retail locations. We want to expand our production so that we can sell at more retail locations to reach a wider audience. We believe in the benefits of the fermented foods we make so would like to see more people have these products as part of their diet. We think pepper jellies are an unusual sweet treat. Our peppers are grown sustainably using no harmful pesticides. Peppers usually make the dirty dozen list because of pesticides used on them.

What makes your business stand out?

Two Chicks Farm is unique because our products contain 99% local vegetables which are either grown by our farm or purchased from local organic farmers. We offer a wider range of fermented products than sauerkraut and kimchi to appeal to a wider audience. Depending on what is in season we might have dill pickles or we might have dill carrots. As the seasons change so do our products.

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