Four Eyes Handmade

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Beth Cummings

Chicago, Illinois
Kids needs clothes that reflect their quirky, boisterous personalities. My line is for the fun, cheeky, excitable baby in your life.

Tell us about your business.

When my son was born and I was shopping for his wardrobe, it seemed like he had two career paths- baseball player or construction worker. All the onesies, all the little outfits, over and over, these two motifs. Well, I'm a bit of a nerd, and so is my husband, and I knew our little guy would be just as quirky as we are. I started my line with the idea that kids have far more personality than the clothes we were making them wear.

What makes your business stand out?

Instead of traditional screen printing that can look, well, a little too perfect to be frank- I use the drawing method. Basically I hand draw my design onto my screen, the drawing fluid temporarily blocks these areas of the screen. I then make a pass of opaque screen filler that obscures every part of the screen besides my design. The drawing fluid is washed away creating a negative of my design. The resulting printing looks hand drawn because it is!

What's the best business advice you've received?

My father has been a business owner as long as I can remember. He always preached the importance of a strong work ethic and believing in what you are doing. He has always been one to never give up, to try something new- a new plan, a new strategy to make your business succeed. Its more of learning to be persistent. To do what you love because the long hours won't seem nearly so long.

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