Teem Wholesale Inc. / Liberty Door Series

American Made Since 1997

Tom Turnwald

Ohio City, Ohio
Custom Craftsmanship, Quality Material, American Made. A stunning door constructed to last. Through Liberty Doors, anything is possible.

Tell us about your business.

Teem Wholesale Inc.’s Liberty Door Series strives to continue the tradition of the American Home with the finest American Made products. The options are endless allowing the right door to be custom made for each order. Liberty Doors allows customers to create the door of their wildest dreams, with quality that will last for generations. As the housing market began to fall, the options of American Made products became difficult to find, Teem decided to switch their focus to creating the products which were quickly fading from the market. Liberty Doors strive to continue turning the focus back to the custom quality and pride that comes from each product imagined, built, and delivered in America. The journey of a Liberty Door begins in the Appalachian Mountains, travels through the skilled hands of our custom craftsmen, and ends in the comfort of your home. The Liberty Series is currently working to expand nation-wide to ensure each home has a custom American made Liberty Door.

What makes your business stand out?

Liberty Doors allows designers and customers to reveal individual character and craft a dream door each and every time. This one on one involvement in the overall design of the door style allows the Liberty Door Series to easily adapt to any and every décor of a home. With each door being custom built and made to order by our craftsmen it ensures attention to detail on every order. The quality materials and superior solid wood construction of a Liberty Door, combined with the design and excellent finishing quality, creates a finished product that will leave a lasting impression. A Liberty Door is not just any door; it is a door that has been created specifically for your home and family.

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