MotherBees - Healthy food for moms

American Made Since 2010

Heng Ou

Los Angeles, California
MotherBees seeks to provide nourishing and healthful food for all mothers around the globe. We strive to nourish all moms after they give birth.

Tell us about your business.

MotherBees started in 2010 by serving a hot bowl of soup to an exhausted friend after giving birth. Her response, and relief, stirred something in me. It just clicked for me. Having 3 children of my own, I understand the highs and lows of postpartum care. Food is my medium and supporting new mothers in their vulnerable state of life is an honor to be part of. By combining my family's Chinese herbal medicinal traditions with our local farmers' market ingredients, MotherBees marries the two cultures for our modern palette. Nourishing food, teas and soups are ordered through our website. We do well by word-of-mouth and working with local doulas, midwives, and medical professionals as they are a huge part of our community. Fresh food is delivered to a mom's birthing site or home for up to 40 days and beyond after birth. I see MotherBees as a local, regional, national brand. We are here to support mothers transition into motherhood and sharing food is a great way to start them off.

What makes your business stand out?

MotherBees is unique because there is not a company out there that combines age-old food cooking cultures and serving new mothers fresh, healthful food, for the purpose of postpartum care. Our teas are made specifically with the intent to nourish mothers' uterus, blood flow, birth and lactation. This service is meant to be convenient for the entire family - allowing mom to bond with her newborn and dad to bond with mom and baby. 40 days after birth is a crucial period. Cultures around the world have this instilled in them. America suffers from busy environments and there is not much time for mothers to relax, enjoy and replenish lost energy. MotherBees is about growing our relationship with our local health and food professionals who work first hand with pregnant and birthing mothers. We honor their work tremendously.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up. Entrepreneurs encounter falls daily - it is the high for us. Also knowing one's own passion, obsession and core values makes business a lot easier. Also, the best advise is from Michelle Patterson from California Women's Conference, "until you received your 17th "no" keep on going back until you get your yes!"

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