Century Farmhouse Handcrafted Artisan Soaps

American Made Since 2001

Ann Marie Craig

1803 North Main Street, West Bend,, Wisconsin
Our beautiful soaps are crafted by hand using the finest natural ingredients. Many of our soaps tell a story, & feel like silk on the skin.

Tell us about your business.

My grandmother was the inspiration for my learning to create soap. In fact, the house she lived in & that I now live in has been in my family for more than a century & this was inspiration for the business name. I began by making soap for fun & along the way began selling it. The soaps are made in our studio now & are crafted using filtered rainwater, organic teas, maple sap, or snow. They are scented only with essential plant oils & contain organically grown botanicals which I source from growers in the US when I can, and from growers in Canada & UK when I can't. The soap designs are inspired by travel, food, music, & art, & I teach soap making by presenting demos & classes locally & nationwide, on & off-camera. We have recently paired with a local chandler to create candles that match our soaps, & I have also designed a soap dish that is now in production in Milwaukee, WI. It is important to me to keep our business rooted in the US. more:

What makes your business stand out?

Our soaps are crafted using products directly from nature: the rainwater, sap, & snow & are created entirely by hand. We scent the soaps exclusively with essential plant oils in combinations that are not often used by other soap makers. The soaps feel very silky on the skin, & the rich bubbles can even be used as shaving soaps. That being said, we also are unique in presentation of our products. Care is taken to package our products in a way that represents each soap's story, & also in a way that decreases the need for extra gift wrap. We describe our brand as providing simple warmth & elegance for the skin & the soul. Outreach in the form of teaching & demonstrating soap making & design has evolved into presentations nationwide as well as at home. We are moving to a new studio which will allow us to do more of this. In addition, I have begun designing pieces to accessorize our soaps; at present a metal soap dish is in production in Milwaukee.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Plan & follow that plan, but don't be afraid to grasp an opportunity if it comes your way. That flexibility means that you welcome new ideas & changes, & can always find ways to create a positive experiences. Having luck in business is the culmination of a lot of hard work, knowing who to ask for help, & being open to the advice of others more experienced than you.

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