Dreemie Preemie

American Made Since 2008

Katrena Shirley

Olathe, Kansas
1 out of every 8 babies are born premature or need N.I.C.U. attention. We help the parents tell the story of their child during that time.

Tell us about your business.

Dreemie Preemie was first thought of as a gift for my niece born at 28 weeks. 6 years later my own daughter spent time in a N.I.C.U. after birth and use the Dreemie Preemie Bundles to tell the story of her birth and struggle afterward. I first started with $40 a homemade web-site and a deep desire to provide something for babies who didn't have any time of baby book to document their amazing strength and story. We have grown thru mommy mouth in the N.I.C.U. it's been a slow growth but a powerful story it attached to each one of our sales and that is amazing to me. Our goal is to be easily accessible for those wish to give a gift to a family in the N.I.C.U. situation. Retail stores are our next goal.

What makes your business stand out?

1 of every 8 babies can benefit from the specific content of our bundles thru the early birth page to the surgeries, favorite doctors and nurses, to the medical interventions (such as oxygen and blood transfusions) pages. Our packaging gives a truly exceptional and personal option for those families. Our pages are 12 x 12 and fit in any standard scrapbook insert found at any dept. store. This option give the parents the choice of which pages they use to tell the journey of their child. If a page does not fit the story, for example their child did not need surgery, instead of having a blank page in a bound book they simply set that page aside. Dreemie Preemie pages are created to stand on their own content wise, but being individual pages allows the parents to add their own scrapbook pages in amongst the story they are telling. The milestones are ones they never thought they would need to document but now they are everything to the story of their child, and we help them tell it.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Grow at a rate that allows you to stay in the green, and without sacrificing the quality of the product. Stay true and never diminishing the passion and purpose of Dreemie Preemie's calling." This advise was given to me by my husband because he know it's more than just a business to me.

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