Piano Nobile

American Made Since 2005

Isabelle Grizzard Robertson & Nickolas Robertson

Seattle, Washington
Piano Nobile is high tech handmade: combining emergent technologies with good old fashioned elbow grease to produce something special.

Tell us about your business.

Piano Nobile is a design studio and fabrication workshop. Our work combines structure and surface design, fine art and fine craft. Our design studio creates systems and plans for homes, commercial spaces, and industry. Our workshop produces organic linens, lighting, and home goods. We take on challenging projects that span the creative spectrum, from lush textiles to intricate steel systems, with plenty of innovation in between. As an artist and architect, we thrive on collaboration and experimentation, honoring each others' unique skill sets. We look for ways to innovate with smart materials and hands-on appeal.

What makes your business stand out?

We designed and hand built our 4-yard long printing press out of industrial cast-offs, helicopter bearings, and recycled American steel. We couldn't find the tools we needed when we first started out, so we built them ourselves, using photos of American printing equipment from the 1950s. Inspired by the ingenuity of America's bygone textile industry, we've developed printing systems for other print shops. We hope to continue to develop new technology for printmaking. We built our printing press because we want America's textile industry to thrive again. It can be sustainable, smart, innovative -- and beautiful, too.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The artist Giorgio Morandi would say a single word to his printmaking students, a moment before they plunged their copper etching plates into vats of acid: "Coraggio" (Courage). We say that to each other each time we encounter a tough decision.

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