Daniel Chaffin Furniture Makers

American Made Since 2005

daniel chaffin & matthew frederick & amy edgington

Louisville, Kentucky
Furniture, lighting, small fare for kitchen & home - all designed and built meticulously by handsome craftsman. Your guests will weep with envy.

Tell us about your business.

Daniel Chaffin Furniture Makers began 8 years ago. The friendship behind it, however, started 23 years ago. On the playground. Maybe at the curly slide - but there is some dispute about that. If they're honest, appreciation of that friendship in particular, and of the company they keep generally, is really at the root of what makes up where their lives are today. Matt Frederick & Daniel Chaffin may have become fast friends that day, but those two kids couldn't imagine where they would be now. In the last 8 years all of us here have designed, built, installed, ached, healed, gone without way too much sleep for way too many reasons, gotten married, had children, moved, designed & built some more. Along this journey we have made many beautiful things and a beautiful company. A company that respects the folks that make it what it is, pays tribute to the materials it uses everyday, and strives for a small footprint in the world we all live in - but a big impact in the place it comes from.

What makes your business stand out?

We make other houses jealous. It's a curse really. And we're almost sorry.

What's the best business advice you've received?

You'll never make any money building furniture.

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