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Anslea Askew

Powder Springs, Georgia
Midorea is an online community and role-playing game, based around earning currency and collecting rare items to dress up your "avatar".

Tell us about your business.

Midorea was started back in 2008. There were many factors involved that sparked the actual creation of the website, including a desire to take the "avatar site" concept and give it my own twist. Over that summer work on the site began to speed up, as we finished much of the groundwork for Midorea. The main goal was to create something unique, and I feel we achieved that. One of our major focuses was on the story and world of the game. Midorea is suppose to be this grand new world that you become a part of - not an extension of our current time. It has it's own story and characters, but is shaped by the actions of the users. As for the creation process, it was actually not that difficult in the beginning. A definite learning curve for sure, as I had no knowledge of web development. Over time my skills have grown exponentially, and I continue to push the limits of what I can make. Every day is a new adventure!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Don't do what you don't love to do. Make sure your business is your passion. If you don't wake up excited to go to work, then you need to figure out why.

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