American Made Since 2011

Courtney Wichtendahl

Mankato, Minnesota
My mission is to finesse functionality - to bring beauty and convenience together - pretty AND practical.

Tell us about your business.

My creative interests have always been broad and deep, but as I began inventing new practical applications for my ideas (custom-designed storage cabinets for my art supplies, for example), family and friends pushed me to start sharing my gifts with a broader audience. So in 2011, after making a few handpainted signs for my own rookie backyard garden, I stepped into the Etsy world and set up shop. I've met with unexpected success in the last couple of years, and have now begun travelling to craft fairs and other "live" venues to promote my business and products. Everything currently offered by C3Studios is garden-themed, but my vision is to expand even further. My particular passion is spacial organization. As I continue to hone my woodworking skills, I hope to eventually offer original and custom storage cabinets and accessories geared toward other hobbyists (storage for specific crafts, hobby supplies, etc). I would like to market some of my designs, in addition to handmade products.

What makes your business stand out?

It is small (just me!) and highly personalized. Most of the sales made in 2012 were individually made-to-order for clients from all over the globe. I work hard to maintain a steady inventory, but I never stop playing with new concepts and ideas. My focus is on providing service - meeting needs. Nothing I can make will ever be a miraculous, 'blanket' solution. New ideas are always necessary - in addition to new twists on old ideas! So I'm always on the lookout. Always pushing to see what can be done better. Always asking for feedback, looking for suggestions. It keeps my creative mind challenged; it gives my heart for people a tangible method of service - practical, meaningful products delivered with a personal touch.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Just START. (See Jon Acuff's book NYT Bestselling book "Start" for more great advice like this. That was an unpaid plug, by the way...) One of my greatest weaknesses is over-thinking EVERYTHING. I critique and 'what-if' myself into countless corners. While self-editing is a valuable tool, it can be crippling in a business setting where the purpose is to GET THINGS DONE! Don't let fear paralyze you. Don't let mistakes define you. Don't let your emotions cause you to stop moving forward. Not all motion is progress--but certainly progress does require some motion; so don't just stand there! Move forward. START.

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