Garden Whimsies by Jackie

American Made Since 2007

J Flowers

Portland, Oregon
I create unique birdbaths, feeders and garden sculptures that mimic the textures and colors of plants, flowers and butterflies using live leaves.

Tell us about your business.

In 2007, I saw an unpainted leaf casting where a live leaf is captured in cement creating a "fossil," then stained, painted and sealed - I was intrigued. Within 4 months, I cast 400 leaves ranging from 4 inches to 4 feet in size. To satiate my craving for various leaf types, I ran a Craigslist ad entitled "Trade your Large Leaves for Lattes." I met gardeners all over my town and traded Starbucks gift cards for the fruits of their green thumbs. Having cast over 60 different types of leaves, I stopped when the snow arrived a week before Thanksgiving. Since then I have cast thousands of leaves. In 2010, I narrowed my focus to birdbaths and feeders for the garden. Never losing my fascination for giant leaves, my largest is a 6 foot wide Gunnera leaf (nicknamed "Dinosaur Food") in white cement - my white elephant, in essence. My aim will soon expand into jewelry, fountains and lightweight (but large) interior hanging pieces. I hope to inspire a love of nature everywhere.

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