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Scott Oppenheim

Falls Church, Virginia
Scott Oppenheim is a designer/digital artist with a passion for generative art, the combination of coding and fine arts.

Tell us about your business.

Scott Oppenheim is a designer/digital artist with a passion for generative art, the combination of coding and fine arts. By mixing randomized algorithms with a vision of an artwork to create in mind, Scott reworks the code as many times as needed to achieve the end result. From bright to subtle, curvy to linear, each artwork requires ample gazing time to discover the intricate details. An expert in his field, Scott has published a tutorial on generative art in Issue 195 of Computer Arts Magazine. He’s also won several awards for web design and advertising work. Having studied classical drawing and color theory in the past, and currently working as senior interactive designer for the branding and interactive agency CHIEF in Washington D.C., Scott propels generative art as both a lead actor and influential artist in the movement.

What makes your business stand out?

Generative art is complex and can be randomized. Every print is unique and impossible to forge or copy. My prints vary drastically and make great framed art prints, posters, stationary cards, iPhone cases and hopefully I will be able to bring more products to market. I believe my art would make stunning sheet and comforter sets, shower curtain and wallpaper patterns, placemats, plates, etc...

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