l&m studio

American Made Since 2011

Meg Oliver & Lucie Piedra

Catskill, New York
Lucie & Meg design and make clean, modern containers for living things to enhance both the function and aesthetics of life in the garden.
New York

Tell us about your business.

We met in 2001 at the Byrdcliffe Artist Colony. After spending the summer of 2011 successfully combining puppy play dates with chores at each others houses, we decided to try our luck in the studio. l&m studio opened in September 2011 as a collaborative project between a sculptor and a functional potter. We wanted to create a line of clean, vibrant porcelain pieces for the favorite parts of our homes: the kitchen and garden; we also wanted to be able to work close to our homes in the Catskills. Our process involves first designing and then making a model out of clay, from which we make a plaster mold. When the molds are dry, we fill them with liquid clay or slip allowing us to make multiples of the same piece. Once removed from the molds, each piece is hand cut, cleaned of their mold lines, dried, and sanded. We then fire and glaze them. As we evolve, we envision a move to a larger space that would enable us to expand the scale of our products.

What makes your business stand out?

Each item we design at l&m studio is a collaborative effort. We each bring in ideas, discuss them, live with them and discuss them again until we come up with a concrete plan. At that point, one of us enthusiastically begins hand-building clay for the positive form, from which the mold will be made. We pass the design back and forth until we are both pleased with the end result. As gardeners, animal lovers, a sculptor and a functional potter, our primary focus is on beautiful containers for living things, mindfully designed for the specific needs of the intended inhabitant.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Diversify. Having a wide array of products allows you to respond to the market with more flexibility.

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