American Made Since 2011

Leisha Pickering

Madison, Mississippi
Musee makes hand pressed bath balms with natural ingredients. These soaks are refreshing to the body and healing to the skin... soak in life!

Tell us about your business.

Musee is a cottage business that was born of a desire to find a way to care for our community by creating jobs in Madison County, Ms. We believed that we could teach people in need of work how to make quality hand pressed bath balms using natural ingredients. Over the last year and a half we have developed over 40 different balms and employ eight people at our Musee studio. Our balms are hand crafted each day from a variety of natural ingredients including essential and natural oils, herbs, salts and minerals, butters, and milk bath. These therapeutic aromas and soothing oils are refreshing to the body and healing to the skin. We are currently represented in about 150 stores and spas across America. Our goal is to expand into other bath product lines, and to continue to impact our local community by providing more opportunities for employment.

What makes your business stand out?

Though Musee did not create the original bath 'bomb', we have added a unique element of whimsy. We believed the idea of a 'bomb' denotes something destructive, yet a 'balm' convenes a sense of comfort and healing so our product is referred to as Musee balms. Moreover, we have combined two simple pleasures in life, hot baths and cool tunes, by naming different balms after favorite songs. With over 40 different balls, each are made with a unique design using bright colors and natural ingredients then wrapped in our own colorful water marked paper. Further, many contain treasures such as 'All You Need Is Love' with a heart inside or the sparkly blue ' Lucy In The Sky' balm with a diamond in the middle. We also have the ability to customize balms with the logo of schools, stores or companies hand pressed on the balm. Our hope is that our whimsical bath balms encourage those who use them to enjoy simple pleasures and 'soak in life'

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