Macarons by Monicarella

American Made Since 2013

Monica Pierre-Davis

san jose, California
Macarons by Monicarella creates homemade French Macarons. From classics such as chocolate to something unique such as brie...come by and enjoy!

Tell us about your business.

"What type of job would you choose if money wasn't a factor?" was asked by my interviewer. Without hesitation I replied that I would own a patisserie. And, that's when Macarons by Monicarella was created! Actually this has been a dream of many years. This is a home-based business specializing in beautiful, sweet and savory French macarons. There are the all time classics such as chocolate, interesting flavors such as caramelized gingerbread, and stunning vanilla macarons in tiffany blue w/pearl dusting that are absolutely beautiful...and, one of my favorites! I've created macarons for company events where a mini-dessert bar is needed, for employee appreciation gifts or baby and bridal showers. Now that I've built a foundation, phase II will be macarons and wine pairings. Brie macarons, anyone? I'm thinking a sparkling wine or oak chardonnay might be perfect. Stay tuned....

What makes your business stand out?

There are already plenty of bakers so how do I differentiate myself from others? Well, I can honestly say that I actually never really liked macarons. I know, it sounds strange, right? And, learned many others shared the same sentiment. They're so pretty (almost too pretty to eat), how could that be? They're made of sugar, almond flour and ganache so what's the problem? I was intrigued and wanted to make them so I could not only enjoy them, but so others could, too. So, I was up for the challenge. After quite a bit of practice (my good friends Donna and Lisa could vouch for this) I succeeded and now enjoy them and get to share them with you. Macarons are one of the most difficult desserts to master as it's part science, technique and some luck I think. And, when someone enjoys them it makes me happy. I enjoy baking mini-desserts that make a statement.

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