Lana Plantae Naturally Dyed Yarns

American Made Since 2003

Marcia MacDonald

Buxton, Maine
We raise alpacas and use our wool to make beautiful, naturally dyed yarns. Many of the dye plants are grown here too. Stunning color naturally.

Tell us about your business.

‎”But there is this great difference between the chemical commercial dyes and the traditional dyes – that with the commercial dyes it is very easy to produce ugly colors, the beautiful colour is rare; but with traditional dyes it is difficult to make an ugly colour, and good colour is the rule.” Ethel Mariet. 1916. Author- Vegetable Dyes. Lana Plantae naturally dyed yarns and dye house, is set on well established alpaca farm in Maine. Our focus, obsession and passion is our very fine alpaca wool colored with natural dyes. We grow many plants on the farm and also responsibly harvest from nature. Our alpacas are white and extremely soft which provides us the palette on which to use natural, non- petroleum based dyes. The color of nature is magnificent and unique. There are so many variables that effect color– plant genetics, sun, rain, soil conditions, and temperatures. We hope to grow our yarn production to include locally sourced sheep's wool and other natural fibers.

What makes your business stand out?

Our yarns are created from our alpaca wool and wool from other local farms. We also grow much of the plant material we use to dye our yarns. Synthetic dyes are all derived from coal tar and worldwide textile manufacturing causes significant water pollution, greenhouse gases and illness to workers. With our yarns we want to inspire people to make wearing local as important as eating local. Farm to closet, soil to skin.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Have a business plan!

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