Naughty Goat Soaps

American Made Since 2012

Miranda Pollock-Raymond

La Farge, Wisconsin
Not just your everyday hand made soaps. These are hand crafted, artisan, Naughty Goat soaps!

Tell us about your business.

My partner Miranda makes every single item in Naughty Goat. She used soap making as a new hobby so she could relearn how to follow recipes again after suffering a brain injury in a car accident a year and a half ago. We gave a few to friends and now she has quite the following! She puts so much love into making these products and has come such a long way in her recovery as well as her business. She uses all natural ingredients, most obtained locally, to make her hand crafted cold process soaps, salves, balms, butters and way more. Most customers come back and new ones come after trying a soap at a friend's home. Now we have the opportunity to take her soap business to the next level as we open a new store in our local town called Tulips General Store. This is quite an undertaking but I feel like we can really be successful and I believe in her this much.

What makes your business stand out?

The fact that her brain injury forces her to be so meticulous and to concentrate so much seems to result in some of the best soaps I have ever seen or used. Many people in our area make soaps, but nearly every customer comes back to Naughty Goat saying they've tried others and this is just so good! It is all Miranda, from the hand drawn logo she created to each bar of lovingly handcrafted soap and every single hand tied label. She puts incredible effort and care into every single product and it shows.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up. If you believe in your product and yourself, then just don't give up.

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