Camille Beckman

American Made Since 1986

Susan Camille Beckman Roghani & Foad Roghani & Roshan Roghani

Eagle, Idaho
Unsurpassable quality and handcrafted formulas offer the perfect tried-and-true solution for hardworking hands. The gift every woman will love.

Tell us about your business.

Rated the #1 personal care line in the US gift shop industry for 18 consecutive years, our goal at Camille Beckman is to produce the world’s finest hand cream. Founded in 1986, we are committed to small business values and are proud to be woman owned and family operated. Located in Eagle, Idaho, we base our formulas on rich and wholesome ingredients, using handcrafted, old-fashioned methods that create a difference you can see and feel. Our Glycerine Hand Therapy™ has been ranked one of the best selling products on the market and provides unparalleled results. Our workplace environment thrives by appreciating the value each person brings and many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. Camille Beckman stimulates local economies by encouraging customers to purchase our products through one of the thousands of locally owned shops that carry our products. After just one use, your hands will feel the Camille Beckman difference.

What makes your business stand out?

The signature rosebuds that adorn most of our jars and bottles are hand tied by local stay-at-home mothers. We pride ourselves in exceeding the FTC’s Made in USA standards. All of our products are handmade in our 108,00 sq ft factory, located in the same building as our offices, providing a cohesive link between management and production. In 2004, our facility was awarded the Better Bricks Award for the Pacific Northwest. The facility runs on about 30% of the energy used in a similar sized factory; enabled by our ‘reduce and recycle’ production policies and use of local resources. The Camille Beckman Foundation, founded in 1995, focuses on giving back to society by meeting basic needs at the local, national, and international level. Every year we choose 20-30 causes, ranging from local food banks to schools & orphanages in the developing world. One of our favorite non-profits is the International Children’s Surgical Fund, whom we funded 365 cleft pallet surgeries with last year.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Camille Beckman was started with $40.00 in my pocket and is the result of great advice from wonderful people and hard work. My friend Charlie Post once told me: "Make your products so incredible it causes your salespeople to wake up thinking it’s going to be a great day because they are the lucky ones who get to sell Camille Beckman.” He also guided me on how to create programs for the stores who sell our products. Savoring his advice, our company has weathered many a storm, including competition from products made overseas at a fraction of the cost of American products. Everyone in our company works together in order to provide our customers with the best products and experience possible.

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