Big Dipper Wax Works

American Made Since 1993

Brent Roose

Seattle, Washington
At Big Dipper Wax Works we are dedicated to creating natural beeswax products of the highest quality using only the purest ingredients available.

Tell us about your business.

It all started with a fateful hike along the rugged shoreline of the Olympic Peninsula. As the final rays of sunshine dipped below the horizon my eyes settled on the most recognizable beacon in the northern sky, The Big Dipper. Inspiration struck, and my future was decided. I would use elements of nature, which I deeply love and respect, to create a natural source of light. Hand "dipped" beeswax candles. And so, "Big Dipper" Wax Works was born. To this day, 20 years later, we continue to use elements of nature to handcraft a beautiful source of light. With our amazing creative team we have been able to design and make our own molds for our incredibly popular sculpted candles, and develop wonderfully unique aromatherapy blends. Always with an eye to nature for inspiration, and a sense of gratitude for our amazing honeybees. We continue to develop our craft and make the healthiest, most luxurious candles available.

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