The Twisted Cow

American Made Since 2006

Linda Gordon

Upper Marlboro, Maryland
The Twisted Cow creates and designs bright, bold, and blingy collars, leashes, and accessories for both ends of the leash.

Tell us about your business.

"OMG...feel that!!" is my favorite phrase when I find a hidden textile treasure. The best way to describe me and my alter ego, The Twisted Cow, is fabric and trim hound; especially when it is loud, obnoxious, and vintage (love vintage)! Since attending my first dog show in 2005, The Twisted Cow has been designing and creating bright, bold, and obnoxiously blingy collars and leashes for my alpha pooches. Our satin wrapped collars and velvet lined leashes are the ultimate in sidewalk fabulousness for both ends of the leash. We have no fear of color, pattern, texture, sparkle, or era (really love vintage). The curiosity of mixing and matching is very powerful as it drives me to push my boundaries and continue to have no fear in my designs and creations. The versatility and possibilities with textiles is fueling the next step in evolution for The Twisted Cow; our own line of fabrics and trims for all crafters, makers, and those that just like to hoard the stuff.

What makes your business stand out?

The Twisted Cow is constantly growing, learning, and offering unique, fun, and fabulously functional designs. The Twisted Cow doesn't want to be the norm, we strive to be the outlier when it comes to collar designs. Our upcoming collections will start to feature more and more combinations of pattern, unique hand work, and marrying bold textures to tap into the originality of our wearers. The Twisted Cow is not afraid to embrace its roots to offer collar designs can be daring with some serious urban flair, bold color palettes, and southern charm.

What's the best business advice you've received?

I have never really gotten any business advice outside of textbook guidance, but I am always getting 'life' advice. Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet someone that gave me some time tested advice that few of us take: be true to yourself and you will never go wrong. The simplest advice is sometimes so hard to follow. I think that we spend too much time trying to do what others do, especially when we perceive their success. The best thing any business owner can do to be successful, is follow your own drum beat. We are all competing, so to look, taste, feel, and smell like those whom you share an industry with may not be in your best interest. Be different, show what YOU are made of, embrace who you are and the very foundation that makes you unique. In other words, embrace your own crazy cause no one can do it better than you can!

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