LavArte by MGO Stone Classics

American Made Since 2013

Orazio Occhipinti & Giovanni Rivetta

Islandia, New York
Enameled lava stone. Use its unique character as a refreshing alternative to marble or granite and create beautiful spaces to live in.

Tell us about your business.

We have been doing traditional stone fabrication for about 30 years and we had been feeling lately that, designers, architects, and home owners need something different and refreshing, a challenge for their creativity: a new look at the old stone! Enameled lava stone came to mind with its many esthetic and mechanical qualities. We call it LavArte. Pigments are applied to volcanic stone which is then fired at extremely high temperatures. The process creates a luminescent shine along with some subtle crazing and some "beauty marks" that all give LavArte its unique character. The final product is virtually maintenance free and can be used indoors and outdoors where it can withstand the most rigorous weather and climate conditions. We intend to be the source for all designers, architects, builders, artists and any creative type looking for American Made enameled lava stone to enhance their surroundings and create beautiful space to live in.

What makes your business stand out?

We are the only people making enameled lava stone, to our knowledge, in the United States. Until now if someone desired enameled lava stone they had to obtain it from usually France or Italy where it has been a traditional craft for centuries. We are offering a product that has all the esthetic and mechanical qualities of its European counterparts but the distinct advantage of being American Made in New York. It becomes easy to work together with our customers on a special color, the lead time is greatly reduced and any mishap can be quickly remedied. We do templates and installation. Our customers can get in touch with us at any time during the day and know exactly at what stage of the fabrication their order is. We can create, for example, unique tables using a special base someone would bring in from the antique shop or we can have one made to their specifications by a local artisan or offer our ideas. And it is always more... human to deal locally with friends.

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