Deckstool - Recycled Skateboard Furniture and Gifts

American Made Since 2010

Jason Podlaski

Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
Broken skateboards are reborn as cool furniture and gifts. Inspired by skateboarding and good, green design. Handcrafted by skaters in the USA.

Tell us about your business.

At Deckstool, we salvage broken skateboards and turn them into high-quality furniture and fun, functional gift items. Fueled by a passion for skateboarding and good (green) design, our goal is to build a responsible, sustainable business in the USA. It all began when my brother, Adam, came up with the idea to make a chair using his old broken skate decks and asked me to help out. Inspired by the consistent way the boards were broken, we had the idea for the original skateboard stool and soon the seed for an entire business was planted. People always ask how we get so many broken boards. Through our recycling program, we partner with skate shops and parks to collect broken boards and in turn help them raise funds for local skatepark projects, charities, or to help support their small skate-businesses. Future plans include: more staff, more partnerships with local manufacturers, more recycling, more giving back to skate-related causes, and more skateboarding!

What makes your business stand out?

Broken skateboards are an unfortunate and abundant byproduct of skateboarding. Even more unfortunate is that most broken boards end up in a landfill. We see this former "trash" as a useful, beautiful, new native material. By using old broken skateboards to create new products we turn them into a commodity and give value to something that was formerly worthless. Giving them value not only keeps skateboards out of landfills, but also allows us to give back to the skateboard community that collects the broken boards for recycling. Skate shops and skate parks collect boards and we give cash back per board. The funds raised go to help build skateparks, support charities, and to help support the small skateboard shops that are vital to many local skateboard scenes across the country.

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