G.E.A.R. by Re-Invention

American Made Since 2005

Kellie Guthrie

Montgomery, Alabama
A woman owned sustainable Social Design Business that serves a bigger purpose by showing consumers just how easy it can be to change the world.

Tell us about your business.

My dream of worldwide change through my company Re-Invention came to fruition with G.E.A.R.(Go! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent).G.E.A.R. is a Social Business and Re-Invention's first initiative to “Re-Invent” where we live. Years ago I made the decision that I'd no longer “just work”, but serve through my work. Although G.E.A.R. was formed to create jobs, all of our goods are made with the hope of expanding the base of who our net-profits will serve. Our first partnership was with the homeless at Friendship Mission in Montgomery, AL, where women learn to cut, sew, and create with the ultimate goal of arming them with the necessary skills and confidence to work with us or seek other employment. Our next partnership is with The Nehemiah Center and broadens what began at Friendship Mission. Through these partnerships we're creating opportunities for work that promote the sustainability of our world and the lives of those who live in it.

What makes your business stand out?

Our Design Philosophy is sustainability, texture, color and always a story! We are inspired by the ever-changing colors and moods of the world we live in and desire to translate the lives of those we serve into every piece we create. By taking materials most would discard and mixing them with a lot of hope, something of truth and beauty emerges. Due to the sustainability component, all of our goods are one-of-a-kind or limited editions. True Value is a vital component in every piece of the G.E.A.R. collection. Ultimately, we want the story told. Our hope is that our buyers and their customers get to know the organizations and ministries we work with. One of our top priorities is to provide sustainable employment, and to invite the consumer to be a part of a much bigger story!

What's the best business advice you've received?

I have two- 1) A great leader knows first how to serve others well and 2) For a dream to become a reality you better get to work!

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