American Made Since 2009

Gustaf G Rooth Sr & Gustaf Anders Rooth Jr

San Diego, California
We are the original designer of reclaimed wine and bourbon barrel furniture, made entirely by hand and transformed into works of functional art.

Tell us about your business.

The theme of the process of wine and bourbon barrels is "up-cycling". Discarded oak barrels are being disassembled and broken down for cleaning, sanding, prepping and sorted into kits for the end product. The saves from the barrels will constitute the frame of the product. while the metal rings (hoops) will be used as supporting brackets. All screws are inbedded in the staves and topped off with glue and then finally covered with walnut plugs. A metal plate will be affixed to the product with the name of the designer, year of production and a sequential number. The final touch will be applying bee wax to the entire product and then smoothened with a lamb wool skin. Now you have reclaimed material, recycled and up-cycled to a piece of art to be enjoyed for a life time.

What makes your business stand out?

Eco-friendly concept. Eliminating "waste-to-landfill". Create functional art out of discarded material. To provide a venue where artists can come together to create, learn, inspire and exchange ideas for the recycling of discarded material and to follow a holistic, value-adding path to growth and prosperity.

What's the best business advice you've received?

By creating an Advisory Board from the very outset, we received expert advise in many phases of the business. This concept was acknowledged by MSNBC's program "Your Business", featuring our entire operation as well as a Board Meeting session. This video can be seen on American Express Open Forum program. The URL is posted on Facebook under "Planet Rooth Enterprises", the holding company for Barrelly Made It. Don't be shy. Always ask the question.

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