Skin Rejuvenation Clinique

American Made Since 1991

Tina Zillmann & Matthew Zillmann

San Antonio, Texas
Aging gracefully is hard work -Rejuvenation is our culture. We believe in building on great service, quality products, strong employees.

Tell us about your business.

Together, Matthew and Tina Zillmann founded the Skin Rejuvenation Clinique in 1991. They continue to build the businesses based on the value of good service, quality products, strong employees, and their motto, “the science of skin rejuvenation.” Starting her career in the Prescriptives counter at the mall, Tina spent most of her time covering up post-surgical scars and bruising. She quickly contacted six top Plastic Surgeons in San Antonio for the opportunity to work with them and offer post-surgical care for their patients. One of them took interest in her proposal and Skin Rejuvenation Clinique became the go-to facility for post-plastics patients, burn victims and skin graft recovery, and laser recovery. Today, Skin Rejuvenation Clinique offers full-service spa and salon services and medical aesthetic procedures. They have developed a product line, Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts and are pioneering the Rejuvenation Revolution for skin care professionals nation-wide.

What makes your business stand out?

We know that aging gracefully is hard work. Gone are the days of grey hair and Birkenstocks. Women need to take an active position in their skin’s health and appearance. We offer the best procedures for their skin and their budget - and we stand behind our services and procedures. With Skin Rejuvenation Clinique and Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts we believe in building on the foundation of value, great service, quality products, strong employees, and our motto, “the science of skin rejuvenation.” Rejuvenation is our culture. We believe that rejuvenation applies to more than just the skin and we allow it to encompass our health, wealth and business acumen. More importantly, our goal is to outperform yesterday on a daily basis. Every bit of energy we put into creating beautiful skin is rewarding for our clientele and ourselves. We are unique because we put our clients first.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Growth is easy. You just add zeros." I don't remember who said it, but it has always stuck with me. Whether you're looking at your clientele, products or employees - just add the "zero" (1 to 10...100...1,000). Growth is simply a number, everything you do to achieve it should be consistent. Follow a protocol and - if the protocol works - don't stray from the protocol. Clients like your products/service. They talk about your business based on that product/service and their referral goes to you with a certain expectation. If their experience is different, your practice in inconsistent. Inconsistency breeds uncertainty and you have lost.

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