Nature's Harmony Farmstead Cheese

American Made Since 2010

Tim & Liz Young

Elberton, Georgia
"Best Food in the South" - Garden & Gun Magazine; 2013 Good Food Awards Winner, 2012 American Cheese Society Winner - Handmade Raw Milk Cheeses

Tell us about your business.

There is no factory here; no employees. Just a husband and wife farming couple that cares so deeply about the land and the animals that they left the world of urban convenience behind. Our cheese making process begins in the pasture, where spoiled Jersey cows graze on our organic pastures every day of the year. Each morning, we sing unashamed to a dozen cows as they stroll to the milking parlor for their only milking of the day. The gift of rich and creamy milk that flows from our closed herd of Jersey girls showcases the minerals and nuances of our terroir, allowing us to make raw-milk cheeses that cannot be duplicated. Adjacent to the milking parlor, we make cheeses in small batches, by hand, honoring old-world European traditions. We stir the milk by hand, cut the curds by hand and hand hoop each cheese. During the aging process that can last over a year, we hand brush, hand wash, hand turn and hand wrap each wheel. And then we hand it over to you to savor each bite.

What makes your business stand out?

It's because we're...well...a little backwards! You see, we cherish an ancient, yet simple, circle of life…one in which pastures harvest solar energy, cows harvest grass and we farmers harvest their milk. Then, we turn it into award-winning cheese. We believe that there’s no need to raise animals on factory need to import fancy blue cheese or aged cheddars from England, or Alpine cheese from Switzerland. You can get those great cheeses right here from our back yard! So come back in time to a place where contented cows graze organic pastures every day. Where traditions are honored and work is done patiently, by hand. Where animals are loved and the soil is respected, so that it in turn can nourish the animals and our bodies. Where diverse forages and minerals weave a local terroir that contributes delicate flavors to the food we produce. This isn’t high school…it’s okay to be backwards. Welcome to Nature’s Harmony Farm. Proudly made in Elberton, Georgia, U.S.A.

What's the best business advice you've received?

If you dream of starting your own business, my advice is to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. By that, I mean don't obsess over dotting all the "i's" and crossing every "t". Instead, take that first step...then another. The common expression may be "ready, aim, fire", but the best advice I ever received was "ready, FIRE, aim". Just get started, close the doors behind you and make refinements along the way. You'll realize your dream.

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