Mama's Sweet Side

American Made Since 2011

Anthony Haralson

Detroit Michigan, Michigan
Made to order from all natural ingredients. Familiar, yet delicious original desserts that reminds you of and mom and out of the oven freshness.

Tell us about your business.

Mama’s Sweet Side was established in 2011 in Detroit Michigan to share our family’s tradition of home-style desserts. We currently sale cakes in Detroit, ship nationally, sell cakes at Michigan Whole Foods Market, and various food establishment. My sister and I the owners of Mama’s Sweet Side were born and raised in Detroit. We attended undergrad in Michigan each leaving after graduating to find opportunity out east. We both went back to graduate school obtaining advanced degrees, my sister in Law and me an Ivy League MBA. However we were always drawn home and to our love of baking. Our family has deep roots in Detroit with our maternal and paternal grand parents migrating to Detroit in the 1920’s for a better life. We grew up with 9 aunts and uncles on our Mothers side and 7 on our dads side all in Detroit. Just as our Grand parents moved to Detroit to make a better life in the 1920’s so to have we come home to try and accomplish the same for us, family, and Detroit.

What makes your business stand out?

All of our are made to order from natural ingredients. Our product are non pretentious home style inspired desserts that reminds you or mom with a delicious twist. Our desserts are inspired by the treats we grew up eating in Detroit so we are sharing the taste of Detroit with the world e.g., Dream cakes: Bundt cakes moist delicious "Perfection" Vanilla Bean, Blueberry Crumble, Lemon Raspberry, & our number 1 seller Vanilla with Chocolate & Caramel sauce Salted Caramel: Moist butter cake with candy caramel frosting and Mediterranean Sea salt between the layers and salted on the top a sweet savory treat that won’t soon be forgotten. Pineapple Coconut: Moist delicious butter cake topped with pineapple and a fluffy cream cheese frosting topped with sweet coconut Strawberry coconut: Delicious fluffy white cake infused with fresh strawberries topped with Strawberries and a cream cheese frosting.

What's the best business advice you've received?

We sent our cakes to a national leading food magazine to taste when we first launched. The magazine loved all the cakes but called our bundt cake "Moist, delicious, Perfection". This feedback helped us understand we had something special and to push on. No matter how difficult.

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