Oh Baby! for Happy Family Designs

American Made Since 1994

Mary Lauer

Edina, Minnesota
Whimsical, magical children's and baby clothing made by hand in Minnesota! Beautiful designs handcrafted from environmentally-conscious fabrics.

Tell us about your business.

Fittingly, Oh Baby! began with a birth-- my twin boys Alex and Tyler, to be specific! I searched endlessly for cute clothing made from materials that wouldn't irritate their sensitive skin, and I couldn't find anything. I began making their clothing myself, and through word-of-mouth, other moms found out and wanted it! My husband Tom and I packed up the twins and carted my hand-painted and dyed cotton clothing and furniture around art fairs in the Twin Cities. Baby Ethan was born in 1993, and the rest is history! I opened my boutique in Edina, Minnesota in 1996 and expanded the line to include bedding, furniture, accessories, nursery interior design, and more. Every item we make is still handmade by my artisan sewers in Minnesota that started out with me so many years ago! We are the ONLY children's line in Minnesota to be entirely designed and manufactured here, which is something we're very proud of. Each piece is made from vintage, sustainable materials and 100% cotton.

What makes your business stand out?

Our customers can't believe that so many of our products are made right here in Minnesota, but it's true! I design everything from scratch, and I consider every detail when choosing and manufacturing products. For instance, my sheets are sanded down to break the top fibers, making them softer on a baby’s face. As the mother of three boys, I've been through every stage of childhood and I know what works! From handmade crib bumpers to tutus designed to be soft, not scratchy, our line is designed with the safety of the child in mind. Every single child is perfect and deserves the softest, most sustainable materials and fabrics available-- and everything is machine washable! Clothing is made to be worn and spilled on and washed again and again, which is why it's worth investing in pieces that are handmade and won't fall apart. Most importantly, our clothes are magical. Oh Baby! products are meant for a lifestyle where every child is loved unconditionally and hugged every single day!

What's the best business advice you've received?

I have lots of key tidbits that I reflect on frequently! A business grows by mastering something and then moving on...always growing, but building a firm foundation for any expansion. I'd much rather have great bones than frosting on bad bones. It's important to stay true to your aesthetic, but take chances! Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because you need mistakes to grow. Most importantly, be the type of leader that others aspire to follow to. Be thankful and keep a happy attitude, and always treat your customers like guests in your own home.

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