American Made Since 2009

Hanah Diab & Nellie Seigel

Chicago, Illinois
Soaphappy! makes lovely, sustainable, natural, organic and vegan soaps, lip balms and lip scrubs... Just the things we want for ourselves.

Tell us about your business.

Soaphappy! is a collaboration between two artists. Sharing concerns about the safety of mass produced cosmetics, we decided to make our own soap and beauty products. Soon, our friends were all requesting to buy our soap and Soaphappy! was born. We delight in coming up with a new scent or trying out a new ingredient.We love the product so much, we want it to look as beautiful as it feels.We hand carve many of our designs, create our own stamps, and use healthful ingredients that will give our soaps beautiful colors. From our ingredients down to our label paper we are sourcing the most sustainable supplies. Soaphappy! is as respectful and protective of the earth as we are of our skin. Since 2009, Soaphappy! has expanded our line from 3 soaps to 14 soaps for all skin types and every member of your family. We have added vegan lip balms and lip scrubs and are looking to expand our line with other natural and vegan bath and body products such as scrubs, lotions, and liquid soaps.

What makes your business stand out?

Our skin is the largest part of our bodies and we don't want to put anything ON our body that we wouldn't also put IN it. Our quest for skin care products with no dubious chemicals, questionable preservatives or cancer causing colorants led us back to our own kitchens. Soaphappy bars are made like our vegan grandmothers would have done with vegetable oils, pure essential oils and creative blends of herbs, teas, and spices. Soaphappy! promises to never use any chemical laden "fragrance oil" or "colorant" everything we put in our products is natural and organic when possible. Aside from being natural, vegan, and handmade, Soaphappy! soaps are also hand decorated. Each bar is either carved, stamped, swirled, or adorned with spice individually. We care as much about aesthetics as we do about your skin. We believe that a beautiful product is good for your soul and ours.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Make what you love and what you want with love. Others will want it, too.

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