Sally B

American Made Since 2011

Sally Bowdle

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Maple Walnut and Coco Kale Munch Bars are a cookie granola treat! They are not too sweet with a soft chewy texture and bright fresh flavors.

Tell us about your business.

How did I get started? Mostly, I was hungry. I was hungry and tired of stale gluten free treats with sub par ingredients. I quit my government job and went to the Natural Gourmet Institute. My classmates and I started to have a granola throwdown! Here I defined what made a fabulous granola bar. I wanted a portable, filling snack that was soft, chewy and not too sweet- with a hint of sea salt! When I went to work at a tiny gluten free cafe I started to sell them in the bakery. Folks at first were way more interested in the cakes and cookies, but some would buy just one bar to try try it out. A pattern developed where the customer would return a few minutes later (after sampling in the parking lot) where they would come back for more bars! Since the cafe I've now branched out into my own bakery in a cooperative maker space that is great for collaborative inspiration! Munch bars are sold at local stores, coffee shops and the local farmers market.

What makes your business stand out?

The ultimate goal of this business is to have it based in a backyard strawbale studio, surrounded by fruit and veggie gardens. It would be a community center for all kinds of cooking classes, an incubator for new food businesses and the munch production center. I'm looking to create a sustainable life for me, my family, and my community. It would be a dream come to to share delicious food with friends in my own backyard, all while running a successful business! The dream is possible, and it gets closer, more real and better every day!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Two things: Specialize- do one thing really well. Second: Ask for what you need- you just may get it! Oh and a third- don't be afraid to ask for help!

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