Hedgebrook Farm

American Made Since 1906

Kitty Hockman-Nicholas

Winchester, Virginia
A century farm.Pesticide and hormone free.Animal Welfare approved.Our products are raw milk and cheeses, grass fed meats, free range eggs.

Tell us about your business.

As you walk to the dairy barn Jersey calves gaze at you with big brown eyes.They extend their tongues to give a friendly cow kiss, happy to live on the farm.Our farm is a small family farm operated by a passionate lady farmer.Fifty acres of pristine soil, lush green pastures, home to Jersey cows and heritage bred animals.Cows graze along Opequon Creek drinking water from pasture pumps, never going into the creek.The farm's backbone is our raw milk cow boarding program. Customers buy cows and milk is delivered to their door or picked on the farm.Miss Kitty is hands on, milking 2x a day.We partner to create raw milk cheeses and sell cows to families for their own milk production.Steers, heritage lambs, and pigs provide meat.A new venture is our flock of Muscovy duck also a meat source.Focus is on producing quality environments for our animals by providing the best grasses, delicious well water, Animal Welfare approved living practices.We are proud to offer and eat our quality products.

What makes your business stand out?

We are unique in every aspect, the farm is owned and operated by 4 generations of women, making a difference in farming and food choices.We have continued the tradition that my grandparents started in 1906.We have a wonderful sense of community with many partners, Spring Gap Mountain Creamery makes our cheeses from our Jersey's raw milk.Our cow boarding raw milk program has over 300 partners.The Rodeo Bee company has a Bee sanctuary on the farm which produces a blend of honey.On 50 acres we reduce, reuse, recycle. We remain focused on building a foundation of food products to fill niche markets that are greatly needed for sustaining healthy lives.We have evolved over the years to meet the demands of the public always offering delicious high quality farm fresh foods. In addition to our farm products we also manage a vacation rental home on the property made from and furnished with recyled and upcycled products from all over Virginia. The home offers customers a real farm experience.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Offer a quality product! Keep the customer in mind and diversify your business to meet the needs of your customer while creating niche markets. Show passion for your business by marketing your own product everywhere you go.

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