Pixel & Pint

American Made Since 2012

Mara Fields & David van Wert

Spokane, Washington
Pixel and Pint are the creators of bold modern art prints, playful fabrics, and versatile decals. Made in the USA and served neat!

Tell us about your business.

We are David van Wert and Mara Fields, two graphic designers who met in Seattle and couldn't get enough of each other. Pixel & Pint started as a way to let loose our creative energy after a long day of designing websites and advertisements for clients. Less than a year after listing our first art prints online, our little side business is growing into a full time job. We love turning our playful illustrations into something accessible, like decals you can use to decorate anything you like, any way you like. Our new line of fabric has us particularly excited. I love imagining all the wonderful things our customers will create using our designs! We run Pixel & Pint out of our apartment in historic Brownes Addition in Spokane, WA. What we can't produce or print in-house we source out to local companies and print shops. Someday soon we hope to open a small retail shop and custom design studio!

What makes your business stand out?

At Pixel & Pint, we want bright, bold designs to be everywhere! When we couldn't find a way to jazz up our bicycles we decided to make our own decals, but didn't have the right equipment. Rather than outsource over-seas we turned to crowd funding. Thanks to the support of 40 wonderfully generous backers we were able to upgrade our studio! It is amazing to know that our work is funded not by bank loans, but by people who love what we do. We firmly believe in the do-it-yourself attitude, and incorporate it into every inch of our business.

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