Jeff Fetty Designs

American Made Since 1973

Jeff Fetty

Spencer, West Virginia
West Virginia Artist-Blacksmith Jeff Fetty has been forging for 40 years, coaxing hard, cold iron into delicately wrought objects.

Tell us about your business.

After seeing my future father-in-law working as a traditional blacksmith, I knew that I had found my destiny. I began my pursuit of the blacksmithing craft over 40 years ago in a one-room shop with a dirt floor. At the time my work was very traditional – scrolls, hinges, and such. However, being a hungry, aspiring artist, I was willing to reach out and experiment with new styles as opportunities arose. Because of my lifestyle at that time, the forms in the natural world had a profound influence on my work. My lasting and evolving appreciation for the beauty of the organic forms and flows of nature was foundational, and even today is the persistent and essential inspiration for my work. A dream of mine, as a future step, is turning my workshop and studio into an international teaching center with the goal being to continue the tradition of blacksmithing, and expanding my craft to a new generation.

What makes your business stand out?

Like nature, my work has followed an organic growth. Although I still incorporate natural forms in my work, my art has expanded to include functional pieces, electronic gates, furniture, staircases and other architectural elements. Inspiration for this growth rises from a curiosity of what can be done with a piece of steel. In my daily work, I transform inert, cold pieces of steel into art forms the way metal was forged centuries before. In today's technologically advanced world I am still employing the techniques and methods created and endorsed by master craftsmen centuries ago.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Treat your business like a business.

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