American Made Since 2011

Alicia DiRago & Patrick Navarro

Boulder, Colorado
Whimseybox is a $15 monthly subscription and online shop for DIY/craft. We combine content, community and ecommerce for the craft industry.

Tell us about your business.

I'm Alicia DiRago and I founded Whimseybox to change the way people discover and buy DIY + craft supplies. A few years ago I was writing a blog ( and sharing my DIY projects. I started teaching classes locally and then nationally but I was still looking for a way to reach more people. I was frustrated with the big box craft store experience and heard from my readers that they were too, so I launched Whimseybox to bring great DIYs directly to their doorstep. We started with a $15 monthly subscription which made it simple + easy for people to Stop Pinning and Start Making. Now we also sell hundreds of different craft products that correspond with the DIY projects that we're sharing (for free!) on our website. We also host hundreds of projects shared by members of our community. Our plans for the future are to create + share more DIY projects while making it easy for people to get all of the supplies they need to make them.

What makes your business stand out?

Whimseybox is a leading voice in modern DIY/craft and the only business that fully integrates content, community and ecommerce in our industry. We are the only place where you can come to find great DIY project inspiration, buy the kit or supplies to make it and then come back to upload and share what you've made with others. We're also known for our strong voice and original content. While we work with many bloggers and contributors, we are best known (and most of our traffic can be attributed to) the great fresh, modern DIY projects we create in-house and share for free on

What's the best business advice you've received?

The advice that has been most influential for me over the last few years was 'choose yourself', something Seth Godin and a few others have written about extensively. It's enabled me personally and Whimseybox as a business to step up and create opportunities for change and success. Growing up our family motto was "Kenney's are rule-followers" (seriously... you can't make this stuff up!). But when that approach didn't result in the life I wanted I decided to stop following "the rules" and make my own. (Also, I got married so now I'm a DiRago and free from the Kenney rules!) It's a fundamental shift in how I interact with the world: now if I don't like something about my own life, my company or our industry, I choose myself to change it.

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