the Success Box

American Made Since 2012

Karen Sadler

Orland Park, Illinois
Organized and available visual supports are a lifeline for many children. The Success Box offers parents and professionals a tool for success.
Design, Technology

Tell us about your business.

I created the Success Box organizational and storage system for my special education classroom visual supports. I started making more for colleagues and parents. This progressed into creating a company so I could sell to everyone. I designed and purchase the boxes, tabs, zip bags, and tape through special orders with local vendors to best fit common supports. Each one is hand assembled, packaged and shipped by myself. This allows me to keep the price low for parents of special needs children that are already burdened by enormous costs. My website continues to gain interest, along with social media and attending local conferences brings added growth. The Success Box was launched this July at a national autism conference. My goal is to make the Success Box available for use in homes, schools, work places and communities. The future prediction of 1 out of 50 children will struggle with autism makes understanding and using visual supports imperative for everyone.

What makes your business stand out?

I sell an extremely unique product to a very specific niche of customers. As a Special Education teacher, I have used the visual supports that my product was created for. If there had been a system like mine available for purchase - I would have bought it! But, after hunting high and low, there wasn't. So I decided to make a system that was virtually functional for any language, method or strategy that utilizes visual supports. The system is the only one that allows the user to visually scan all of their available visual supports in a single glance and offer the ability to store multiples and multi-sizes of common supports.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Be authentic. Be yourself. - my small business coach

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